can i seal a cracked radiator

My other car's radiator top was molded from copper, it has good heat transfer but tends to warp but still holding for 7 years now.
Ford dealer wants app.
At least two of the posters above are wrong you CAN repair your own plastic radiator and save a ton of money doing l you need is a plastic welder and rods and a little patience.Step 1, if you are trying to fix the leak in the radiator while it is still in the car, drain the antifreeze until the level of the antifreeze is below the crack line.Leak sealant is a great option if you need to get your vehicle home or to a repair facility.After all the attempts to try and fix this pokemon pearl version para gba game one I ended up buying a new one on eBay for around 69 and it's still working after all these years and no leaks at all with this Neon.Show more answers Unanswered Questions I have a small crack on the top of my radiator.Commercial leak sealants are sold at most auto parts stores and can help resolve a radiator leak if youre in a bind.Heat slowly until the area in and around the v-groove begins to turn glossy.
With the mix hardens slowly with the motor cooling slowly as the crack closes slowly that forces the mix into all the open spaces in the plastic and then they both harden at the same time and let it set for 24hrs and that radiator.(Greedy as Kinda makes me mad.Old, seems to be structurally sound.Sorry for the bad news.This is super impressive in my opinion.Refer to individual product packages for more temperature information".