Beckman chrom link C/S remote keypad photo QTY.
Eagle signal HGL cycle flex repeat cycle timer model# HG101A6 120V 60HZ M9 120V 10A with manuel ON PDF file.
API instruments, LFE P/N: AK31167502, scale: 0-30 AC amperes.Block BOX 232 - 485/422 converter plus DCE-DTE, serial # model # 1C108A.120V 50/60HZ 800W F10A fuse HAS built IN (rear) groove FOR ring stand.Spectratech crystal polishing KIT PN: comes with QTY.Thermolyne stepless input control model-CN-A8005M, 120 volt, 0-95 dial marks indicate time.Includes ABI prism ag book rounded regular font 7000 user guide, quick reference card AND chemistry guide, ABI prism 7000 operator training software CD AND ABI prism 7000 version.0 software CD FOR windows 2000 OS (NOT included) AND dell laptop computer model: PP01X latitude C840, note: previous owner wiped.
Bretford acculight model 6009/6218.35amps 552X 120V.C.
Folab 2150 RC photo printer S/N:.
Fire polished edges TO prevent chipping.Clamar multifaze back pressure regulator unit includes: (1) model: 5000 serial: 05025V12-91 (2) model: urdp serial: 02022E5-91.NO., (used) (g) To see a picture of this lab equ., click on surplus lab equipment QTY.Permanently marked, double checked calibration.1963 TWO wire positive: RED, negative: blue, photo click here QTY.Technicon instruments corp controller BD 20/40 S/N GG00138752 P/N 114 BO50-01 208V 110A 60HZ.(g) To see a picture of this lab equ., click on bantam deminerailzer QTY.Perkin-elmer tipped penetration probe, P/N: 219-0209.15 inch long roller, X, 60PHI/80 roll speed, 42C roll temperature.AS there IS NO contact between THE material being CUT, THE AIR knife CAN BE used ON almost ANY machine parts like THE HOT godgets / rollers - FDY / spin draw applications, positorque unit, ceramic discs, NIP rollers, bakelite drums, steel shafts, rollers, bobbins.

LOT, model B6643-11, volts: 120, watts 300,.
Beckman adapters 25 PIN TO RJ "black BOX" FA771.