9 Harvest Moon : More Friends of Mineral Town edit Reception Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town ( for, Bokuj Monogatari: Mineral Town no Nakama Tachi for Girl ) is the female version of Harvest Moon : Friends of Mineral Town.
For the series, see, story of Seasons.
All the livestock produce will sell for more if the animals have maximum affection for the player, and also if they win specific contests.The game has been re-released on the.Harvest, moon game series.In other regions, you'll find.Retrieved November 28, 2011.The main story is the mystery as to why Nobita and friends ended up in this world, with 2001 yamaha kodiak 400 manual a underlying theme of family love.
Each shop in the town has a story to it, so players will need to get along with those who run the shops.
The RK guides on this site are for the Gameboy, Gameboy Advanced, Playstation 2, and Nintendo DS entries in the series.
If the player accepts Barley will return after a year, and may take the horse back if the player didn't show enough affection.Retrieved January 24, 2012.There's five times as much sub-story plot as the main story according to Kouji.A b " Harvest Moon : More Friends of Mineral Town for Game Boy Advance".The player is a farmer whose goal is to make a profit from the farm he runs by producing crops and raising livestock.Retrieved November 30, 2011.IGN rated Harvest Moon : More Friends of Mineral Town.5.The European version shipped with language localizations for Germany and France.It was later released on the.A single rerun of the broadcasts was conducted in the same weekly format from November 4, 1996 to November 30, 1996 at 5:00 to 5:50PM.

1, for vegetables to develop, they must receive water each day; lack of water does not kill crops, but prevents them from growing.
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5 Cows and sheep live in the barn, which also may be upgraded to accommodate sixteen animals and two pregnancy stalls.