Pinkish Improve nd and nd_all performance when doing literal matches Expanded ViewEventListener API Fix not being called for views when the editor starts Add and to be called for views when the editor starts Improve tracebacks for Python.sublime-package files shell_environment is now ensured.
23 September 2016 Added Indexing Status to the Help menu to give more information about what the indexer is doing Fixed a compatibility issue with some third party syntax definitions that include blime-syntax Reduced the default number of worker processes used for indexing.
Sublime Merge, read the documentation, nEW: Incremental Diff, all changes to a document are now represented by dedicated markers in the gutter.
Linux: Fixed incorrect file ownership in the deb packages.Log_indexing(True) in the console Tweaked brace matching logic Removed undesirable animation during startup API: Added _ssl module on OS X and Windows API: Fixed ctypes regression in 3008 on OPI: Plugins can define plugin_loaded and plugin_unloaded module functions.Diff markers show added, modified and deleted lines.Exe command line helper accepts wildcards Windows : Fixed access denied errors that could occur when saving with atomic_save disabled Windows : Added workaround for broken std:condition_variable in msvc 2012, fixing a crash in plugin_host Windows : Added more descriptive errors when the Update Installer.ISO image, which is not what I want.API: Fixed regression with phantoms interfering with home/end behavior.2 (Build 3200), see also the, announcement Post.Orangish, llowish, eenish, region.It basically says that for 64-bit Window 7, installing the "Standalone Debugging Tools for.
Exe now has CompanyName set in versioninfo Mac: Handle layout changes due to macOS Sierra tabs Mac: Improved default web browser detection Mac: OS.11 and macOS.12 default to using San Francisco for the UI font Mac: Fixed file change notifications from freezing.
In coordination with the new moi 3d 2.5 crack Git functionality, diffs can be calculated against head or the index.This can be manually controlled via the index_workers setting API: Updated OpenSSL.0.2i Build 3124 22 September 2016 See also the Blog Post Settings now open in a new window, with the default and user settings side-by-side Hovering over a symbol will show.On_hover(view, point, hover_zone) API: Added functions to get and set visibility of the minimap, status bar, tabs and menu API: Modifications to a selection are now constrained to the valid range API: Updated Python.3 to commit 8e3b9bf917a7, and SQLite.14.1 Packages: Loading packages.Window will now work even if the view isn't frontmost Build 3012 10 February 2013 Fixed a syntax highlighting regression in 30 9 February 2013 Improved protection against degenerate syntax definitions Linux: Fixed version incompatibilities with libffi OSX: Fixed exec command.7 OSX: Fixed.The setting show_git_status allows disabling Git integration.For bleeding-edge releases, see the dev builds.