Note: This fix removes: CD-check, Movies, Speeches Music.
Burn the contents back to a 74 minutes CD-R (Normal ISO 9660).
No patch is needed when using an 80 minutes CD-R as the original is 'only' 675 Mb in size (OverSizing is also possible) Backup Instructions: Start Nero - Burning Rom ( or higher).
Install the game (without the Demos).Search GCW consoles game protections utilities.File Archive 14KB CD-Copy: Copy the full contents of the CD to Harddisk.File Archive 215 KB File Archive 215 KB File Archive 14 KB CD-Copy: Copy the full contents of the CD to Harddisk.Use the following settings (all other settings should be left default Image Tab Image file Enter a Image filename Copy options Tab On the fly DeSelect Drive with source.Select Source CD-Reader Read Speed 1x (150 kB/s) Read options Tab Number of retries before read error 10 Read media catalog number and iscr Select Ignore illegal TOC Type Select Unreadable data Continue copying Data mode 1 - Force raw reading - If it can.EXE note: The patch removes the check for the demos but it doesn't remove the CD-Check!Extract the File Archive to the temporary directory.
System, language, protection, cD Cover : PC : : OverSized : Cover Target, file Archive 35 KB, file Archive.
Note: if you only want to remove the CD-Check, just choose maximum installation instead of standard installation.
Remove the, demos directory.Write uncorrected print dwg to pdf Read audio data with sub channel Select Use Jitter correction Select (for older Readers) Ignore read errors Select Burn Tab Write Speed 1x (150 KB/s) When ready click Copy CD to start the copy process.Execute the patch to remove the CD-Check from:.EXE ( 1613824 bytes) Play the Game!Note: Use an 80 minutes CD-R or OverSize a 74 minutes CD-R to burn.File Archive.From the action-bar choose File and select CD-Copy.