DVD is essentially a bigger, faster CD that can hold high-quality digital video, better-than-CD audio, pictures, and any other sort of digital information.
Did I miss any?Video hookup (pick one from the list) S-video (good quality Almost all DVD players have s-video output.The Dolby Digital downmix process does not usually include the LFE channel and may compress the dynamic range in order to improve dialog audibility and keep the sound from becoming "muddy" on average home audio systems.Ability to recognize video_TS and audio_TS directories (containing IFO, VOB, and AOB files) and place them contiguously at the physical beginning of the disc for compatibility with DVD-Video players.August 2004 Both the DVD-Forum and the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) have chosen VC-1 (Microsoft's WMV9) and.264 as advanced video codecs.The plan was to switch to a Chinese video format, AVS, in 2004, but as of 2008, AVS was still not finalized.Daikin (Daikin US Comtec Laboratories) Note: Daikin's DVD business was acquired by Sonic in February 2001.S-video looks much better than composite video and is only slightly inferior to component video.Multilingual identifying text for title name, album name, song name, cast, crew, etc.Software to convert Macromedia Director presentations to DVD-Video format.It's possible that mpeg-4.264 will be used in a future, high-definition version of DVD.
However, all progressive players also include interlaced outputs, so you can use one with a standard TV until you upgrade to a progressive.(The pits are lisa loeb firecracker review smaller, the tracks are closer together, the data layer is a different distance from the surface, the modulation is different, the error correction coding is new, etc.) Also, you can't put CD audio data onto a DVD and have it play.There are actually three types of DVD players if you count computers.Also allow DVD content to be recorded and played from CD-R.A DVD Masters (Calgary, Canada.DVD does use the same 16:9 aspect ratio of hdtv and the Dolby Digital audio format.S.All of the following have been proposed as the words behind the letters DVD.