oracle order by null first

The purpose of the returning clause is to return the rows affected by the delete statement.
Therefore, the following expression: is equivalent to, to sort customer by name alphabetically in descending order, you explicitly use desc after the column name in the order BY clause as follows: The following picture shows the result that customers sorted by names alphabetically in descending.
Top-N query on a per-department basis.
I always use these in preference to first and last now.Any valid where clause is acceptable to identify which rows to delete.For the following SQL statement listed in the output: delete from history where alert_time :b1 AND instance_number :b2.We could also achieve the same result using first_value and last_value, or MIN and MAX as basic analytic functions.See the following result: In this result: First, the first names are sorted in ascending order.Elapsed: 00:00:00.13, execution Plan select statement Optimizerchoose 1 0 count (stopkey) 2 1 view 3 2 table access (BY index rowid) OF 'T' 4 3 index (full scan) OF 'IDX_T' (NON-unique).Oracle order BY clause examples, we will use the customers table in the sample database for demonstration.From emp; empno deptno SAL myrank.For example, you may want to list all customers the by their names alphabetically or display all customers in order of lowest to highest colorful dvd creator crack version 2.6.4 credit limits.Because the ASC is optional.
Second, if two first names are the same, the last names are sorted in descending order.g, Daniel Glass and Daniel Costner, Dianne Sen and Dianne Derek, Doretha Tyler and Dorotha Wong.
In the order BY clause, we used these column positions to instruct the Oracle to sort the rows.Statistics recursive calls 0 db block gets 3 consistent gets 1 physical reads 0 redo size 1142 bytes sent via SQL*Net to client 511 bytes received via SQL*Net from client 2 SQL*Net roundtrips to/from client 0 sorts (memory) 0 sorts (disk) 1 rows processed Justin.Select empno, deptno, sal, MIN(sal) keep (dense_rank first order BY sal) over (partition BY deptno) AS lowest, MIN(sal) keep (dense_rank last order BY sal) over (partition BY deptno) AS highest from emp order BY deptno, sal; empno deptno SAL lowest highest SQL We get the.SQL rollback; Rollback complete.When the target of the delete is a single row, the returning clause can retrieve column expressions using the affected row, rowid, and REFs to the affected row.

Both commands deleted all the rows in the table.
Let's delete the order with the smallest quantity.