panafax uf 755e user manual

The selected logo is printed on the comm.
115 Setting Password Transmission To set transmission password sony rcd w500c user manual and parameter, (see Note 1) (see Note 2 1 2 3 4 linksys wrt54g manual pdf Enter a 4-digit Transmission Password.
When transmission is completed, password-XMT returns to standard setting (OFF or ON).
Setting the Selective Reception.OR 12 12 panasonic sales start Multiple logo Note: 111 Printing a Multiple Logo List The Multiple Logo List can be printed out following the Fax Parameter List.Tech offer 10737 Panasonic manuals and users guides for free.Enter station(S) then press start 00 SET SET 01(Station name) 5551234 start select logo (00-24) enter.Name 13 clear copy Multiple logo Note: 5 110 Sending Document with Multiple logo (see Note 1) (see Note 2) 1 Set document(s) face down.Ex: and press 5 for OFF (password is not checked) or for ON (password is checked)or.7 If your machines Transmission Password coincides with the other stations Transmission Password, your machine star ts sending the document.
Name 12 panasonic sales clear panafaxspace sales logo/dept.Function7 E ( 1 - 6 ) enter.113 network feature Selective Reception service manual yamaha f6c Your machine has a special feature, Selective Reception, which can prevent the receiving of unnecessary documents (i.e.Ex: or just go to step 7 to erase the logo.2 3 4 for OFF (password is not checked) or for ON (password is checked)or 5 6 Dial by any combination of the following methods: One-Touch Dialing Abbreviated Dialing Manual Number Dialing, press after each station is entered (UF-895: Up to 70 stations, UF-885:.43SET43 password-XMT 1234SET43 password-XMT 1:OFF password-XMT 1:OFF 1234 43 password-XMT 2:ON 1234 setstop clear Password Communications Note: 6 116 Setting Password Reception To set receiving password and parameter, (see Note 1) (see Note 2) 1 2 3 4 Enter a 4-digit Receiving Password.