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X2: The Threat.3 Patch was last updated on and psp firmware easy installer is currently at version.
If you want to patch such a savegame you should activate the Script Editor.2 before installing the patch:.3 user-made scripts are only recognized in a "modified" game.The first time you load an old.0,.1.2 savegame, it will have to be converted.Jumpdrive Command available in the Command Console allowing you to command ships to use their jumpdrive.NPC capital ships now use the "missile defense" command instead of "attack all enemies" in some turrets.So it may be possible, that commands installed by user-made scripts are no longer available in the command console till they use other command slots (16-31).File Format : exe, sHA1 Hash : game Platform : PC Windows, price : Free.In this mode the story plot of X2 is deactivated and the game shows a small "modified" overlay logo on the screen.Features Include: - Graphic cards with more than one monitor connected can open special resolutions which are two or three screens wide - Added support for EAX (activate at startup) - Re-adjusted fighting AI: Ships fighting in remote sectors - Added slider to input settings.Steering inertia changed - steering is more exact for fast ships.
But if the ship executes "attack all enemies the "missile defense" command will search for enemies too.
Possibility to include a mod package (.cat,.dat) in the start window.
This upgrade will eventually be available for registered players in the Download section of m!Trade extension MK3 is now integrated in X2, available at the TerraCorp Headquarters and some Teladi Trading Stations.This is an update for X: The Threat version.0.1, it will update it to version.2.Trade Command Software MK3 The Trade Command Software MK3 is a new upgrade available at the TerraCorp HQ and various Teladi Equipment Docks.Give this order and the ship will start to trade autonomously in its current sector aiming for the best profit.The Threat/f 123,44 Mb / (129435264.Many of the new features of version.3 affect the ability to MOD the game (make custom modifications of, x2 and edit the universe).Recursive through the chain of wings/escorts.fixed: Ecliptic Projector was incorrectly displayed in turrets.Improvements over.2: * Savegame handling: To make saving games more secure, savegames are written in a temporary file.Last Updated:, category: Patches, rate this game: 55 downloads.