Xbox 360 retro arcade games

A lot harder than it sounds.
You should be able to find the retro combo disc just about anywhere for xbox next to nothing.
1983 Platformer Collect coins, stun monsters then kick them.
Nutz (E Ocean, Ocean'94)73010.zip 240 R-010 Monopoly 241 R-010 Minnesota Fats - Pool Legend 242 R-010 Judge Dredd 243 R-010 International Superstar Soccer Deluxe 244 R-010 Incredible Hulk, The (U, E Probe, Usgold'94)98210.zip 245 R-010 Incredible Hulk games 246 R-010 High School Soccer - Kunio Kun.
Nekketsu Hockey Bu - Subette Koronde Dai Rantou (J).nes 0155 R-011 Cabal (U)!.nes 0156 R-011 Blue Shadow (E) s 0157 R-010 Street Fighter V (20 Peoples) (Unl)!.nes 0158 R-010 Snake Rattle N Roll (U)!.nes 0159 R-010 Rockin' Kats (U) s 0160 R-010 Rockin' Kats (U)!.nes.Zip 967 R-Unk Phantasy Star IV (U Sega, Sega'93)2336Unk.Markedly weaker voice work, something that made the original so memorable.(J) s 0224 R-008 Downtown - Nekketsu Koushin Kyoku - Soreyuke Daiundoukai (J).nes 0225 R-008 Darkman (U)!.nes 0226 R-008 Crash 'n the Boys - Street Challenge (U)!.nes 0227 R-008 Captain Tsubasa Vol.Pac-Man 1981 Maze If you've played Pac-Man, then you've played.Take from that what you will.(E).zip 032 R-35 Asterix Obelix (E) (En, Fr,De, Es).zip 033 R-35 Alien Vs Predator (E).zip 034 R-34 Mask, The (E).zip 035 R-34 Adventures Of Batman Robin, The (E).zip 036 R-33 Rock N' Roll Racing (E).zip 037 R-33 Robocop Versus The Terminator (E).zip 038 R-33 Mortal.(U, E Foley, E-Arts'93)62911.zip 229 R-011 Aladdin II (Unl Unk, Unk'Unk)68911.zip 230 R-010 Zombie High (U) 231 R-010 Wolverine - Adamantium Rage (U, E Teeny, Acclaim'94)123710.zip 232 R-010 Tick, The 233 R-010 Shining Force xbox II (U Sonic, Sega'94)147110.zip 234 R-010 Shining Force II (U) Rus(Sonic.(Unl Unk, Unk'Unk)6036.zip 371 R-006 Shaq-Fu (U, 372 R-006 Seaquest Dsv 373 R-006 Saint Sword (U Taito, Taito'91)3416.zip 374 R-006 Red Zone 375 R-006 Red Zone (U, 376 R-006 Ranger X (E Gau, Sega'93)5766.zip 377 R-006 Radical Rex 378 R-006 Radical Rex 379 R-006 Phantasy.So if youve been holding off on this one, its not a bad time to jump onboard.Shop for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfareon.Now that the 360 has been on the market xbox for a number years now, were starting to see some arcade big name titles come xbox down to single-digit prices.

Rally-X 1980 Racing / Maze Mix of maze and owners racing game, you collect flags on the maze track while avoiding the other cars.
Shoot 'em Up, oH GOD MY eyes.
Supposedly the envisioned sequel.
Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (E Compile, Sega'92)5593.zip 730 R-003 playlist Dino Land 731 R-003 Davis Cup Tennis - Davis Cup World 732 R-003 Cutie Suzuki No Ringside Angel (J Copya, Asmik'90)2933.zip 733 R-003 Curse 734 R-003 Crystal's Pony Tale (U Artech, Sega'94)4633.zip 735 R-003 Cross Fire.Since retail Xbox 360 games arent the only thing you can play on your console, Im also including some of the most critically acclaimed xbla titles so far and my picks for the best cheap games from the original XBox that are backwards compatible.The fear time of accidentally killing pirates yourself by touching walls or robots is windows very real, and the synthesized voice-acting is very charming and memorable still today.If you prefer a first-person perspective to your tactical shooters, bendix this is a great game to pick up for your 360 library.You have a ball you can throw at enemies but you must retrieve it back to be able to attack again.Deluxe Edition 860 R-002 swinger Jack Nicklaus' Power Challenge Golf (U, 861 R-002 Ishido - The Way Of Stones 862 R-002 International Rugby (E Tiertex, Domark'93)2452.zip 863 R-002 Ichidant R (J Unk, Unk'Unk)12162.zip 864 R-002 Hardball!(U, E Probe, Acclaim'92)3242.zip 793 R-002 Super Real Basketball (E Sega, Sega'90)1892.zip 794 R-002 Super Kick Off (E Anco, Tiertex'92)2782.zip 795 R-002 Super Fantasy Zone (E Sega, Sunsoft'92)4302.zip 796 R-002 Summer Challenge (U, 797 R-002 Striker (E Rage, Sega'95)9712.zip 798 R-002 Steel Talons (U,.Shoot robots and save humanity.(Alt Levels) p1!.nes 0036 R-035 Mario Bros.(U Ncs, Dreamworks'90)1591.zip 918 R-001 Top Pro Golf (J Coconuts, Soft'92)2371.zip 919 R-001 Tommy Lasorda Baseball (U Sega, Sega'89)2781.zip 920 R-001 Tecmo Super Bowl III Final Edition (U Tecmo, Tecmo'95)8731.zip 921 R-001 Tecmo Super Bowl II Se (U Tecmo, Tecmo'94)9751.zip 922 patch R-001 Tecmo Super Bowl.Octopus variety, and Otto can be killed!

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